Taos Pueblo

Taos Pueblo Ecology Programs Division
P.O. Box 1480, Window Rock, Arizona  86515
Phone: (575) 741-6711

Contact: Sylvia Rains-Dennis, Ecology Programs Director

Taos Pueblo’s Ecology Programs Division, in collaboration with the WarChief’s Office of Natural Resource Protection, serves as the principal contact and working group for all Fisheries, Stream Ecology, and Aquatic Biology concerns for Pueblo lands, including Tribal waters that occur within multiple jurisdictions.  We serve as the principal liaison to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the New Mexico Game and Fish Department, the American Fisheries Society, the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society, the Western Native Trout Initiative, the Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Working Group, the Desert Fish Habitat Partnership, The Wildlife Society and associated non-governmental organizations (such as Trout Unlimited) that are concerned with fisheries, fish habitat, stream ecology and aquatic biology in our region.

As part of the Vision for the Ecology Program’s Divisions Wildlife and Habitat Conservation Department, our Fisheries goals include identifying, describing, assessing and conserving native fish in their natural habitat while maximizing the resiliency of our freshwater ecosystems in the face of short- and long-term change. 

 Our objectives include:

  evaluating the reproductive fitness of native fish populations

  establishing genetic and condition assessment programs

  monitoring impacts to aquatic habitats

  developing a strategy to accomplish immediate and long-term restoration needs for the sustainability of aquatic and wetland/riparian ecosystems

•  describing food webs and related ecological interactions within the critical biodiversity corridors that rely upon the Rio Pueblo de Taos and the Rio Lucero watersheds, as well as lakes, ponds and other freshwater ecosystems under Taos Pueblo jurisdiction.






Southwest Tribal Fisheries Commission    P.O. Box 190  Mescalero, New Mexico  88340  •  (575) 464-8768