Pueblo of Zuni

Zuni Fish and Wildlife Department

P.O.Box 339

1203B State HWY 53

Zuni, NM 87327

Phone: 505.782.7000

Fax: 505.782.7202


The Zuni people have lived in the American Southwest for thousands of years. Their cultural and religious traditions are rooted, in large part, in the people's deep and close ties to the mountains, river ways, forests, and deserts of this ancient Zuni homeland. Primarily being farmers, the Zuni people raise maize and wheat and engage in Jewelry making. It has become an important additional source of income for the people. Traditional Zuni life is oriented around a matrilineal clan system and a complex ceremonial system based on a belief in the ancestors (ancient ones). There are six specialized esoteric groups, each with restricted membership and its own priesthood, devoted to the worship of a particular group of supernaturals. During the well-known Shalako Festival, held in early winter, dancers representing the couriers of the rain deities come to bless new homes. One way the Zuni people express these cultural traditions is through their art: in painting, pottery, jewelry, and fetish carving, for example. These things have significant meaning, and, to the Zuni, serve to help unite the past with the present. So, on the one hand, Zuni art is a material record of the past.


The Zuni Fish and Wildlife Department has managed and protected Zuni Tribal lands since 1968. In the past years, we have established a reputation as one of the most innovative and productive tribal wildlife management agencies in the country. We have become national leaders on issues such as tribal management of endangered species and migratory birds, riparian restroration, wetlands protection (we have been nominated for a national wetlands management award by the U.S. EPA), and tribal use of eagles.

 Some of the projects which we have completed over the last 5 years include:

  • The Zuni Community Live Eagle Project (the first and only in North America)
  • Creation of sensitive species and law enforcement MOAs with the US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Establishment of a wildlife habitat restoration program
  • Initiation of prescribed fire program
  • Wild turkey reintroduction
  • Establishment of a Riparian/wetlands restoration program
  • The initiation of a program to construct wetlands from sewage effluent
  • Establishment of a trophy big game hunting program
  • Membership on the federal southwestern willow flycatcher recovery team
  • Membership on the USDA New Mexico State Technical Committee
  • Establishment of a wildlife research program

 Hunting and Fishing: The department offers a variety of hunting and fishing opportunities. Hunting permits for the general public are available for dove, waterfowl, small game, coyotes, and predator calling.

 Big game: Tags are available on a limited basis, but the hunting opportunities are outstanding. Bow, muzzleloader, and rifle hunters will enjoy the challenge of hunting in this spectacular setting. Several 400+ elk have been taken on the reservation in recent years and our elk population is expanding. Please call the department for details and current prices of permits.

 Fishing: 3 lakes (Nutria #4, Eustace, and Ojo Caliente) are stocked with with Rainbow Trout, Channel Catfish, and Large Mouth Bass (Ojo Caliente only). We offer some of the best fishing opportunities in northwest New Mexico.