Santa Clara Pueblo

P.O. 578 Kee St,

Espanola, New Mexico  87532

Phone: 505-753-7330

Website: See below

Contact: Governor’s Office

Forestry: 505-692-6274

Office of Environmental Affairs: 505-692-6270

The Tewa-speaking Pueblo of Santa Clara was established around 1550 when a drought forced their ancestors to move into the fertile Río Grande Valley. Contemporary Santa Clara Tribal Members believe their ancestors first lived in the nearby Puyé Cliff Dwellings, including Top House, a ruined mesa-top village built along a stunning cliff face adjacent to Santa Clara Canyon. Today, approximately 2,500 Tribal members and 11,000 people reside on these Pueblo lands.

Santa Clara Pueblo's major attractions include:

-       Puyé Cliff Dwellings

-       Santa Clara Canyon

-       Black Mesa Golf Course

-       Santa Claran Hotel & Casino


Puyé Cliff Dwellings offer both guided and self-guided tours through the Tribe’s ancestral dwellings.  Santa Clara Canyon was historically a notable asset, as it was central to the Tribe’s regional identity and economy.  The deep, tree-lined retreat offered several mountain-ringed fishing lakes, developed campsites and picnicking.  More recently, however; the Canyon was devastated by severe wildfires and subsequent debris flows which destroyed nearly all infrastructure and recreational resources. The area has since undergone a transformation by implementing extensive restoration efforts to: rehabilitate the ecosystem, rebuild infrastructure, restore native Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout habitat, and develop resiliency to future disturbances.  The accompanying Story Map describes these past events and current efforts: