The Desert Fish Habitat Partnership 2020 Request For Proposals closes Sept 27th!

2020 Call for Project Proposals


The 2020 RFP is Now Open!  

Deadline to Apply September 27, 2019


Funding for habitat projects through the National Fish Habitat Board and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is expected fall 2020. Successful applicants will be notified after funding is allotted.


The Desert Fish Habitat Partnership (DFHP) is proud to announce our 2020 request for project proposals. As one of 20 federally recognized National Fish Habitat Partnerships, DFHP is a collaborative effort between 11 western states, federal agencies, sovereign tribes, and private conservation groups that seek to cooperatively conserve native desert fish species across their historic ranges by protecting, restoring, and enhancing aquatic ecosystems. Project funding is made available to grantees annually through the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) and the U.S. FWS.


Eligible Projects: Projects considered for funding address science-based habitat protection, restoration, and enhancement activities that benefit desert native fish species addressed by DFHP (for a complete species list, visit the DFHP Strategic Plan). Eligible projects include riparian or instream habitat protection, enhancement, and restoration. 


NFHP funds must be used for on-the-ground habitat projects and related project design and monitoring activities. Funds may not be used for mitigation work or research. Funded projects must be completed within 18-36 months of receipt of contract agreement, and multi-year projects must be broken into distinct phases by year for tasks, accomplishments, and budget.


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