Request from the NAFWS to submit support letters for the Recovering America's Wildlife Act - Due August 30, 2019

All: The Native American Fish and Wildlife Society (Society) is requesting that your tribe submit a letter of support for the Recovering America's Wildlife Act (RAWA) by August 30, 2019. This letter can be sent to the 2 main sponsors (Fortenberry & Dingell) of the bill. You can also submit letters to your state's Senators and Representatives asking them to sign on as co-sponsors or at least cc them onto your letter of support. Please go to - HR 3742 Recovering America's Wildlife Act of 2019 to see the list of current co-sponsors which is changing daily.
I'm attaching a draft letter of support, the RAWA Tribal Fact Sheet and the NAFWS Resolution supporting RAWA; please use these documents as you see fit. Revise the letter for your tribe and add in any specific information you'd like.
Please share this information with ALL of your tribal contacts. In order for this legislation to pass we need to get our Congressmen on board.
We are asking that you email a copy of your support letters to Garrit Voggesser ( of the National Wildlife Federation; we want to know who is submitting them so we can continue to contact tribes that might not be getting the information.
Thanks for your help. Please contact Garrit Voggesser, National Wildlfie Federation Tribal Partnership Director, Julie Thorstenson, Executive Director for the Society ( or I (  if you have any questions or need assistance.
Elveda Martinez, President
Native American Fish and Wildlife Society