Annual Meeting Cancelled

Good Morning Members, Partners, and Friends,

     As the world slows down to address the current health pandemic, most organizations have already cancelled summer meetings.  The time has come for the SWTFC to do the same.  We will not be having our April 23rd Annual Meeting in Mescalero.  Please let me know if you would be available for a short 1-2 hour conference call on the morning of the 23rd to discuss the situation, and cover any necessary business for the Commission.

    Members: If you are still at work, and have extra time to think about these things, please think about some of the larger fish related projects that are in your dreams, or the dreams of your tribes, pueblo, or nation.  I’m curious what kind of vision is out there for your futures.  If you need someone to review the management plans that you are working on – let me know.  If you are bored and scrolling through your pictures – send me good fisheries related ones that I can send out on Instagram.

   Thank you as always for your time and support, and I look forward to seeing you all again once the current restrictions are lifted.

     I know that currently most if not all states, and many tribes are on travel restrictions, on total lock down, or on drastically reduced staffing, so please be safe, stay healthy, and help others do the same.


Adam Ringia

Executive Director, SWTFC 505-235-2228