Call for Papers - Tribal Fish and Wildlife Management

Tribes have ownership or jurisdiction over some of the wildest, most wildlife-filled areas of North America. This is no accident: in addition to a deep reverence for the land and strong history of environmental stewardship, tribes have been conducting some of the best fish and wildlife management practices and projects around. This is a story that is largely not told – but it should be.

We believe that the fish, wildlife, and habitat management and research conducted by or occurring on tribal lands would be of interest to the wildlife managers and the general public. We are developing a volume of essays written by tribal fish and wildlife managers or researchers about the work they do. On July 3, we signed a contract with Johns Hopkins University Press, a well-respected academic institute, that will publish and publicize the volume. All profits from the book for three years will benefit the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society. After three years, all material will become open-source.

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