Summer 2019 Aquatic Invasive Species Workshop

Scheduled for July 30-31, in Albuquerque, our tribal technical workshop this year is on the topic of Aquatic Invasive Species

Concerns with the control of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) have been present for a long time and various initiatives exist at the state and federal levels, however, few southwestern tribes appear to be involved in these efforts.  Understanding this, the SWTFC has reached out to its state and federal partners to assist in bringing these issues to the southwestern tribes.

Despite the many challenges working among various levels of government, aquatic invasive species are an outside threat that has a negative impact on all of us and offers an opportunity for positive collaboration. It also offers another opportunity for the appropriate levels of technical staff to meet each other to exchange information, without the constraints of formal consultation.

This short workshop does not claim to be providing a high level of training, but rather to introduce the opportunities and threats of AIS to tribal employees, as well as the partners that they have in this particular struggle, and the resources that may be available if additional training is necessary.

Links to the Overview, Agenda, ande Registration are available on the Documents Page.